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Grant Guidelines


ROUND TWO funding for FY2024 is closed.

New guidelines for FY2025 will be available here in March 2024.

The Minigrant Program is administered locally through MACC Regional Regranting partners.  

Project Minigrants provide up to $4,000 for special opportunities to address arts and cultural needs locally. These projects connect communities with the world by exploring, sharing and supporting creative expression, and by doing, so they promote the health and well-being of communities and citizens throughout our state. We believe that by sharing creative experiences and expressing our creativity, we build powerful connections with the people we are closest to, with our community, the world around us and with ourselves. 

Final Reports are due 30 days after the completion of the project, or by October 30, 2024, whichever comes sooner. Project Minigrant Final Report Instructions



Professional or Organizational Development (POD) Minigrants provide up to $1,500 to assist non-profit arts and cultural organizations, artists, arts and culture administrators and arts & culture educators with opportunities that specifically improves their management and/or brings the artist or the arts & culture organization to another level. In addition, the Minigrant POD program provides Michigan and individual Michigan artists/arts administrators/arts professionals a presence at national conferences and workshops. 

Final Reports are due 30 days after the completion of the funded professional development opportunity, or by October 30, 2024, whichever comes sooner. POD Final Report Instructions



The Michigan Arts & Culture Council also offers several additional grants open to organizations and individuals in Michigan.  Grants with a January 15 2024 deadline for a "round two" grant award include Arts in Education (ffunding school based learning projects in all areas of arts and culture), Bus Grants (for getting K-12 students to/from arts and culture venues), School Equipment and Supplies Grants (for reimbursing arts/culture equipment and/or supplies for classrooms).  

The deadline for submission for all grants listed above is January 15 for projects taking place between March 1st, 2024 and September 30th, 2024.

Find the grant guidelines here:

Annually, MACC offers even more arts and culture grants for organizations and their communities in Michigan.  Those grants include Operations Support (funding for operating expenses), Capital Improvement (funding for expansion, construction, or renovation of arts and culture facilities), Project Support (funding for production, presentation and creation of arts and culture that promotes public engagement, diverse and excellent art, lifelong learning, and the improvement of communities through arts and culture, and New Leaders (funding for arts and culture projects led by a young person (ages 14-30).